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Amazing Labrador Rescues His Young Owner From A Dangerous Rattlesnake

Last June, a heroic labrador saved his young owner from a deadly rattlesnake.

Alex Loredo, an 18-year-old, was at his home in San Diego when a rattlesnake suddenly appeared. Marley, his seven-year-old labrador immediately ran to him and pushed him out of the way of the snake. The snake then stuck Marley twice.

Marley rescues Alex

The snake bit Marley on his tongue and on his snake before disappearing as quickly as it appeared. Alex later told reporters that at that time, he was in complete panic. His heart raced and he believed that he was about to lose his best friend. He carried Marley to the car and he drove as quickly as he can to a veterinarian.

Unfortunately, the first vet that Alex went to didn’t have any antivenom for Marley’s rattlesnake bites. Alex had to drive for 25 more minutes just to find a vet that could take care of Marley. The vet gave Marley a couple of doses of antivenom and then took him to a pet hospital. The hospital treated Marley for two days.

Marley’s recovery

Marley recovered from the snake bite, but Alex still had to deal with his dog’s vet bills. Marley sustained nerve damage to his tongue and he needed medication and therapy for a full recovery. Alex then went to GoFundMe and started a campaign to ask people for donations. Fortunately, a lot of people donated to help Alex cover the costs.

Marley got his playful spirit back after he received the help that he needed. Alex can now spend a lot of time playing and praising his wonderful dog. Marley deserves all of his love. He’s a truly brave dog and his heroic actions saved Alex’s life.

Watch the Youtube video below to hear an interview from Alex about how Marley rescued him.

Images and video credit: ABC 10 News

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