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After Ten Long Months Of Separation, The Dog And Her Soldier Mom meet again.

There is nothing more painful for dogs than separating them from their families. Like human children, every minute of the day, they want to be with their parents and not see them for one day could be like a year’s separation. But as much as parents want to be daily with their dogs, they prevent them from doing the things they need in life, just like career and duties. Therefore parents have to leave their dogs to fulfill their other responsibilities even if it is painful for them and their dogs.

However, the bright side of this separation is that their love for each other steadily strengthens. And the story of Cassandra Cabrera and her dog named Missy May can never again highlight this incredible truth.

Cassandra is a soldier and has been deployed abroad, so that her beloved dog has no choice but to give up. They have been split for ten long months, and it cannot be denied that her dog was a painful decision while she was determined to fulfill her task.

When Cassandra was deployed abroad, Missy May turned one year old, and that’s why the soldier worries that when her loved dog goes back, she might no longer recognize her. But it seems she got this assumption from her beloved dog.

On her return day, the mother of Cassandra, Robbi, and Missy May was at the airport waiting for her. Missy May looked at the people coming down from the escalator while they stayed on the escalator. She seems very curious, but she doesn’t feel excited.

But Missy May’s mood changed suddenly when she saw a woman coming to her. The lady dog was immediately unstoppable and truly excited because of her curiosity. She soon realized that Cassandra was no other woman in tiredness than her mother!

Missy May has no time for pleasantries and licked her mom quickly. She continued to jump and spin around Cassandra, and it is evident that Missy May was not going to let her mother ‘escape.’ Her mother could only smile at the insane but heart-cracking reaction of Missy May.

They would finally be able to catch up with one another with their reunion. Both of them have waited so long for this opportunity.

Source: Beverly Jenkins viaInspire More

Credits and Pictures: Casandra Cabrera via Facebook

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