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Newfoundland Does The Egg Challenge With His Mom, And The Result Is The Typical Kid In All Of Us

Dogs are giving beings, but they also have their off days. That’s what this lady pet owner discovered when she hopped on the egg challenge trend.

She owned three dogs, one a large breed, with the other two being small breeds. She decided to do the egg challenge with Max, her gorgeous Newfoundland. He’s a gentle soul, and he obeys commands.

Mom was pretty confident she and her dog would ace this challenge, so she called Max. At that time, the canines were all in the living room area, playing and bantering with each other.

Max quickly walked up to his mom, his French Bulldog buddy following him to check what mom held in her hand. Mom gave the egg to the Newf and he immediately took it and held it in his mouth.

Mom asked for the egg back, and this was where things got a bit tricky.Max not only disobeyed her, but he moved and walked away from her. Someone definitely liked eggs.

The lady owner was amused at her pet’s reaction, so she walked up to him and asked for the egg again. She even touched the dog’s head and lifted his jowls and upper lip, but Max refused to give it.

He probably thought that this egg was already his. That’s usually what happens when mom gives him something, so he was quite confused about the sudden change in dynamics.

The dog possibly wondered why he wasn’t given time to even check the object in his mouth thoroughly. He usually gets a little bit of discovery time to observe anything given to him.

Perhaps that’s the reason Max didn’t give the egg back. That, or the egg smelled precisely like a great treat, so he wasn’t gonna let go until he tasted it.

There goes your egg challenge, mom. We’re not sure how that’s graded, but we could tell that your Newf definitely liked that egg!

Credits to BViral via YouTube

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