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A Shy Pregnant Dog Transforms Into A Puppy After Giving Birth To Nine Puppies

Angels Among Us Pet Rescue rescued Bailey, a massively pregnant dog. Bailey’s story piqued the interest of Jade Gentry, who decided to help and foster Bailey.
Jade admitted that she had never before fostered a pregnant dog. But she didn’t think twice about giving Bailey what she needed because she needed it now more than ever.
Bailey never left her box during her first few days in her foster home. Instead, she sat in the farthest corner of the room, hiding behind anything more significant than herself.
Jade wanted Bailey to get used to her, so she lavished her with treats and belly massages. Bailey gradually came out of her shell after learning she would be rewarded with tasty treats and hugs for her efforts.
Bailey loves belly massages so much that she would do an army crawl on the carpet to get one. Unfortunately, when the dog is preoccupied with crawling on the rug, her enormous preggy tummy gets caught beneath the couch.
When Bailey realized she was about to give birth, she went straight to her birthing pen and stayed there for the rest of the afternoon. Jade is overjoyed with herself after giving birth to nine puppies.
Except for Hoosier and Moye, the puppies were all in good health. However, Hoosier was born with swimmer syndrome, and Moye was much smaller and had breathing issues than the other puppies.
Jade doubted Hoosier and Moye would survive the night, but they did! Hoosier and Moye made it through the critical stage unscathed. Jade also provided them with extra care and therapy 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
Bailey grew into a happier, more confident bundle of fur as her children grew older. Bailey was helped to act like a puppy by the puppies.
They were all adopted after eight weeks of foster care.

Source and picture: The Dodo

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