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This Dog Appeared In Front Of The Home Of A Couple And Became Their Pet.

Nobody expects a stray dog to appear in front of their house. It’s even more unlikely when the house is on a 200-acre property with no neighbors. Yet, despite these odds, a large dog named Turbo appeared seemingly out of nowhere and made his way into the home and lives of his current owners.
Zach and Libby are Arkansas-based spouses. They were surprised to find a large dog in front of their house one day. Unfortunately, Turbo wasn’t in good health and would have died if the couple hadn’t intervened. At first, the couple was unsure how to handle the situation, but they knew they couldn’t leave the dog outside.
The couple brought the dog inside and bathed him. They then took him to a veterinarian because he had difficulty moving and appeared disoriented. Meanwhile, Libby’s mother posted on Facebook to track down the dog’s owner.
The couple waited, but no one claimed ownership of Turbo. As a result, Libby and Zach decided to adopt him permanently. The dog’s appearance and health improved because the couple provided his basic needs and medication. Under the couple’s care, he became more lively and physically active.
Turbo became close to another dog named Ava. They didn’t start on good terms but had small fights over chew toys. Those fights became less frequent as time passed, and they grew closer.
According to Libby, Turbo is similar to someone who booked an Airbnb. He knocked on their door, expecting to be greeted. Fortunately for him, those who saw him did precisely that and never regretted it. Since then, Turbo has been an excellent addition to the couple’s life.

Source and picture: The Dodo via YouTube.

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