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A Pigeon That Couldn’t Fly Was Placed Next To A Puppy Who Couldn’t Walk, And The Two Became Best Friends Almost Immediately

A Chihuahua puppy who couldn’t walk and a pigeon who couldn’t fly found solace and true companionship in one other.

This type of connection may sound like something out of a fairy tale, but it’s true. They met at the Mia Foundation, a non-profit organization in Rochester, North York.

Herman, the pigeon, was the first to arrive at the foundation. However, he is unable to fly as a result of a brain injury or a viral infection. Lundy, a Chihuahua who is unable to utilize his back legs, arrived much later.

Rogers put Herman next to the dog bed near Lundy one day since she needed to tend to the latter. To her amazement, the two quickly became friends and snuggled together!

Rogers brought out her camera to film the occasion since they looked so cute together. She shared their Facebook images to share the purity of their friendship and brighten the mood of anyone who sees them.

Rogers was surprised to receive so many encouraging notes, and individuals from all around the world offered financial assistance to both of them!

In just two days, the organization raised $6000, which is enough to pay the costs of a high-end surgery for one animal.

Rogers also received a flood of emails from people interested in adopting Lundy. But, she claims he isn’t yet strong enough for adoption.

Others, on the other hand, think the puppy and the pigeon should stay together. At least 100 people have expressed interest in adopting both Lundy and Herman, according to Rogers.

While it’s encouraging to know that people have expressed an interest in adopting Herman and Lundy, they still require additional time at the foundation for healing and rehabilitation.

Nonetheless, Rogers believes that their tale resonated with many people because they need to see and hear more happy and good stories, particularly in these difficult times.

For the time being, Herman and Lundy will enjoy their time together while keeping everyone in a good mood.

Look out for your beautiful friendship in this video:

Source: Geobeats Animals viaYouTube



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