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Tucker, A Golden Retriever, Is A Pro At The Egg Challenge

If you dont know the egg challenge, then brace yourself for this delightful theory: golden retrievers supposedly have such soft mouths that they can carry an egg around without cracking it. This is because they’re primarily hunting partners bred to retrieve the hunters shot game without damaging anything with their mouths.

The golden retriever egg challenge tests out this theory by putting an egg into their golden retrievers mouth to see if they can hold it for a time without breaking it. The trend started when a licensed veterinary technician gave an egg to her golden retriever, who held it for some time without cracking anything. Thus began a viral trend that both pets and owners enjoyed.

Tucker, a golden retriever with close to 4 million subscribers on YouTube, is already a master of the egg challenge. To demonstrate, he took the egg from his owners hand, kept it in his mouth, and made no attempts to chew or swallow it. The egg kept trying to slide out, but now and then, he raised his head to slide it back further in, careful not to swallow it accidentally.

Funnily enough, when his owner finally told him to spit it out, Tucker refused and ran out of frame. It looked like he liked his new toy a little too much to give it back that his owner had to bribe him with cheese to make him let go. Finally, he dropped it into his owners hand, and she held it up to let us see that there was not a single crack on the egg.

While this challenge is undoubtedly adorable, owners also have to be aware of the dangers of choking on cracked eggshells and the risk of salmonella. Tuckers owner used a farm-raised egg washed with soap and water and supervised the experiment thoroughly before shooting a video. Watch the golden retriever challenge done safely with Tucker here:

Source: Tucker Budzyn via YouTube

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