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A Man Lost His Maremma Sheepdog And He Found Him Doing Something Amazing

This happened in Irazusta, Entre Ros, Argentina. The story is about a Maremma Sheepdog. Lets meet him!

“Raptor” is the name of the Maremma Sheepdog. His story is really worth of a Disney movie.

Matas Mrquez is his owner. He is a cattle owner. His ranch is called Alberto and it is located in Irazusta, near Gualeguaych. The town only has 300 inhabitants.

Marquez told us the story of his dog. Last Monday, after gathering his sheep, Marquez noticed Raptor was not there as usual.

Marquez continued with his chores, thinking that the dog would come back sooner or later. As the night began approaching and it was getting cold, he decided to look for him.

He checked everywhere he thought the dog could be. He got to the bank of a river. The dog was there lying down by the side.

Raptor would not pay attention when Marquez called him. Raptor would remain there, lying down, wagging his tail.

It was very strange that the dog would not respond. It was dark to see anything at all even at a closer look. He was lying still, wagging his tail as of trying to show something. Marquez walked slowly towards where he was. When he got there, he saw a newly born lamb in the form of a little ball.

He understood right there and then what had happened. The sheep got back and Raptor decided to stay there taking care of the lamb. Luckily, Raptor stayed or else the lamb would have died due to the freezing cold weather. Marquez held the lamb and got back home. From a distance, Marquez could hear a sheep crying but the baby was perfect!

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