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The Dog Who Has Watched Butterflies Grow Up Befriends Them All

Milo enjoys going out in the morning with his human mother, Jen, to pick up vegetables. He would sniff any plant he wanted, including tomatoes, watermelons, and every flower he could locate in his mother’s garden.

Jen revealed that Milo regularly pushed his nose in whatever plant she wanted to inspect in her yard. Milo, she added, would sniff every flower or fruit that her fingers touched as if trying to figure out what they were.

Jen had put some milkweed plants in the garden a few months back and had been waiting for them to blossom. As soon as the flowers bloomed, she and Milo spotted monarch butterflies laying their eggs on it, and Milo couldn’t help but be awestruck by the beauty that surrounded him.

Milo was so fascinated by the butterflies fluttering around the yard that he decided to devote his afternoons to viewing them. Jen explained that she began gathering the caterpillars as soon as they hatched and kept them safe from predators in a butterfly box.

Jen couldn’t help but notice Milo’s eager expression as she introduced him to all of the caterpillars in the butterfly cage. Milo was so fascinated by the larvae that he couldn’t stop sniffing them every time he and his mother said hello to them.

Jen revealed that she eventually freed the butterflies as soon as they emerged, allowing them to fly freely. Milo had been intrigued by all of them flying around, she recalled.

According to Jen, Milo now checks in on all of his small friend’s first thing in the morning. Milo scared the butterflies at first, but they eventually became accustomed to his presence, and no longer bothered flying on top of his little nose for enjoyment.

Source: The Dodo viaFacebook

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