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A Loyal Stray Dog Stays At The Side Of An Injured Friend Who Was Hit By A Train.

A dog’s devotion and loyalty are unconditional to its family or pack. They are loyal to the end once they have developed a relationship. A stray dog in South Africa is a beautiful example of this.

This touching story of friendship and loyalty has gone viral in their region, capturing the compassion of many people.


It all began when two stray dogs walked along a railway line outside Durban’s municipal limits. A train went by, and one of the dogs was struck. Some witnesses witnessed what occurred and contacted the local SPCA.

When one of their officers came, he discovered one critically injured dog and another sitting beside her. According to witnesses, the dog refused to leave his friend’s side. Not only that, but the devoted canine ensured that his companion had plenty to eat.

Security officials in the vicinity stated they watched the dog scavenge for food. When he discovered some, he returned them to the injured dog. He would then lick the other dog’s face to console her.

Even when the rescuers carried the injured puppy, her pal trailed behind them, obviously checking on her. Finally, they were both brought to a shelter.

Unfortunately, the dog’s injuries were so severe that the veterinarians were forced to put her down.

Internet sensation

The shelter staff was so impressed by the two canines’ friendship that they shared their tale and photos on their Facebook page. Many individuals liked and shared their postings, with the majority leaving good comments.

Hero, the dog they named, quickly became an internet celebrity. His newfound fame cleared the door for his everlasting family. Many applications for his adoption were received. Finally, they settled on a loving family that promised to care for Hero indefinitely.

Source: SPCA Durban via?Facebook

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