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A Homeless Man Throws The Most Adorable Birthday Party For His Dog.

Just because someone is unlucky does not imply that they are unlovable. We don’t need to look further than a homeless man named Choco and his two dogs, Nena and Shaggy, to see this.
A park-goer in Bucaramanga, Colombia, recently noticed Choco and his furry friends sitting together, enjoying the warm night air. Choco and his dogs quickly realized that this was not an ordinary night but something unique.
The park-goer noticed the homeless man wearing a party hat on his dogs’ heads. He soon after presented them with a cake and candles. Then he began to sing.
Shaggy, it turned out, was having a birthday, and his fur dad was throwing him a small but sweet party.
The entire incident was captured on video by a bystander. Then he approached Choco and spoke to him. Before offering assistance, he inquired about his name and background. And after he posted the video online, several people did the same.
Choco has spent years on the streets after fleeing an abusive family. During his years on the streets, he ensured that Shaggy and Nena did not suffer the same abuse he did.
People he doesn’t know are doing the same thing for him now.
Several good Samaritans came forward to assist the three friends.
Choco and his dogs’ favorite park has become a gathering place for animal lovers. People would come to donate food and supplies and, of course, to take pictures.
Hopefully, Choco and his two best friends will fare much better.

But for the time being, what matters is that they share priceless love.

Credits to?Choco Jos? Luis Matos

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