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A Homeless Dog Struggled To Survive After Becoming Stranded In A Snowstorm.

Chicago had severe weather over many weeks. The snow was falling nonstop, and the temperature was regularly dropping. Then, one day, a big blizzard buried the whole region, making life challenging and dangerous for homeless animals. Many died due to the frigid temperatures, but one dog never gave up and, with the assistance of his rescuers, lived to find a better life for himself.

On the verge of dying

Thor was spotted seeking refuge in an open garage. He was caught in the worst weather possible for stray animals, and it was a miracle he was still alive. However, only just. He was sent to an animal hospital, where physicians could not guarantee survival. He was in such bad form that he was on the verge of dying.

The physicians prescribed a series of blood transfusions for him. But unfortunately, he was already chilly, and time was running out. His rescuers from Mission Compassion Paw, a foster-based rescue group based in Chicago, Illinois, were beside themselves. They were concerned that Thor’s dog might be too weak.’

But he proved them all incorrect.

Thor looked noticeably better after the first blood transfusion. He was becoming more aware of others around him. The physicians felt this was a positive indication. However, the ailing dog has been ordered to stay in the hospital until his condition improves. After more than a week, Thor eventually felt strong enough to walk out independently.

They took him to a foster home, where he would be cared for until a more permanent arrangement could be arranged.

That took a little time. While Thor was healing, the group uploaded his images on their Instagram account. Patricia, a lady, was drawn to his pictures.

The dog-loving lady already owned a dog but wanted to buy him a younger sibling. So when she viewed Thor’s images, she knew he was the one for them. And when she adopted Thor and brought him home, she realized her instincts had been correct.

Thor and his new brother, Rizzo, hit it off right away. They were connected and did everything together. They would play, run, eat, and sleep beside each other.

He has discovered not just the warmth of a decent house but also the warmth of a happy family’s love.

Source: The Dodo via?Youtube

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