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A Dog With a Neurological Disorder Appearances To Be Dancing In The Mud

It’s no secret that life can be unfair at times. People can be dealt a bad hand and immediately give up. But, if we look on the bright side, there are still plenty of reasons to live. Sometimes we can even turn our misfortunes to our advantage.

Stevie, the yellow Labrador, can teach us all a valuable lesson. This mischievous pup was born with cerebellar hypoplasia. It is a neurological disorder that causes him to have difficulty controlling his movements. However, Stevie isn’t in any pain, and aside from his jerky movements, he’s just like any other dog.

He enjoys fetching, snuggling with his humans, and playing with his toys. Like any other dog, Stevie wants shredding paper and chewing on his owners’ shoes. On top of that, the goofy yellow Labrador enjoys playing in the mud!

Jane Cornelius, the dog’s mother, revealed that when she adopted Stevie and took him home, the pupper did nothing but play in the mud. When it rains, Jane’s backyard turns into a marshy area, which Stevie enjoys playing in. And because of his disorder, he appears to be dancing in the mud!

Jane decided to videotape her dog whenever he played in the mud and post the footage on the internet. And, as expected, netizens all over the world adored the videos! We can’t blame people for going crazy over Stevie’s adorable clips because seeing a pup dancing while playing in the mud is pure internet gold.

Although we know that his neurological disorder causes his “dancing,” we’re confident Stevie enjoys playing in the mud. His condition inadvertently aids him in expressing how he feels. This dog’s outlook on life is truly inspirational, and we could all learn a thing or two from him.

Credits:NowThis News

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