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A Veterinarian Offered Assistance When A House Was Suddenly Overrun With 17 Dogs.

Individuals who care for multiple dogs are not uncommon. However, not everyone who does this has unlimited money to spend on them. As a result, people who care for many dogs may require the assistance of veterinarians and animal rescuers from time to time.

A Korean woman’s home was recently discovered to be home to over 17 dogs. They are kept in her backyard. Some are kept in kennels, but many are allowed to roam freely.

As anyone can imagine, they have that many dogs with many challenges. Aside from the cost of caring for them, the neighbors have several complaints. The dogs habit getting into neighboring gardens and wreaking havoc on the crops.

She didn’t always have that many dogs, according to the woman. It all started with one dog, and the number grew from there. Even if she prevented the male dogs from leaving the yard, female dogs would visit her in the heat.

A concerned veterinarian stepped in to assist the woman with population control. The vet found it concerning that the number of dogs in her home had more than doubled in a year. As a result, a neutering strategy was implemented.

All of the dogs in the house were rescued by the veterinarian and a team of rescuers from the Korean Animal Welfare Association. However, because they were free to roam, some were more difficult to capture. Fortunately, the rescuers put all 17 dogs in a kennel with enough patience.

All of the woman’s dogs had been spayed or neutered, preventing them from reproducing further. The woman was also given additional equipment and housing for her dogs. As a result, her dogs could now rest in a more comfortable environment. But, most importantly, she no longer had to be concerned about their population growth.

Video courtesy of SBS TV Animals viaYouTube.

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