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A Beagle Who Is A Big Dodgers Fan Gets A VIP Tour Of The Dodger Stadium

Dogs do love sports. They like participating in dynamic and energetic human activities, so you’ll often see pooches surfing, chasing the frisbee, and even playing volleyball. Other than this, a few dogs, are just content with watching sports.

A Beagle named Toby is one of them! This pup loves baseball, and he is a big fan of the Los Angeles Dodgers.

The best gift that any sports fan will receive is a VIP tour of the stadium where the action happens. And Toby has received it!

Put a wonderful smile on your face and brighten up your day by reading Toby’s adorable story below:

A tour for a very important pup or VIP

This past season, a video of Toby enjoying Dodgers matches became viral. The famous team contacted the Beagle’s owner and offered to send a present. Other franchises followed suit, but sadly, the delivery never happened.

To make up for that, the Dodgers decided to give Toby a VIP tour of the Dodger Stadium. And this present was indeed marvelous for the Beagle! He was given that precious opportunity to sit in the press box. Did he visit the Dodgers Clubhouse and even spend some time on the field?

Do you know what made this visit cuter? The team’s mascot carried Toby! An LED display welcoming him was even flashed when he arrived.

TikTok can’t get enough of Toby!

A short clip of Toby’s VIP tour of the stadium was uploaded to the official TikTok page of the Dodgers. It received 4.1 million views, more than 950K likes, and over 11K comments there.

A lot of verified TikTok accounts flocked to the comments section. The Major Baseball League account commented on the video that Toby’s tour was the dramatic conclusion everyone needed. On the other hand, the Philadelphia Phillies account said that the VIP tour was a well-deserved gift.


Our package never made it to Toby, so we wanted to make it up to him with a VIP (Very Important Pup) experience at Dodger Stadium. @jalapeno.pop

♬ original sound – Los Angeles Dodgers

Video Source: @dodgers via TikTok

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