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What would a “Monono” breed dog look like?

I named “Monono” as the street or stray dogs, as I think our friends deserve a sweeter name.

There are three types

Accommodating: they are the most common, usually loving, always looking for a caress or a kind word.
Wrong: you will always see them sleeping in some box, cardboard, or what you will find, growling and barking, it is not convenient to approach.
Right: they give a lot of licks, they like to follow you and lie down near you.

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Zomogy (CC0), Pixabay


Where to find them?

They always leave them in the squares, the vacant lots, or throw them on the roads; they are the ones who look for food in the garbage cans or wherever they can.
Some physical characteristics are furry, combed, many are black, affectionate, tall, short, that is, they can be of any shape, size, and color; some may even seem strange to so many mixtures of races that have suffered for generations.

dog street
Personal experience

I have two “Monono” Barny, who is the oldest, 11 years old, he likes to fight against the vacuum cleaner and lie down on the carpet. Flor is two years old and wants to run around the plaza with other dogs.

They like to eat noodles, and they love chicken, since Flor is shyer, you can’t look at her when she comes because she stops doing it.

Because we all have, have, or know someone who has a “Mononos” breed dog, I think we should treat them with respect and love.

Homer Bosqui
Ten years old.

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