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Thanks To Social Media, A Missing Poodle Was Discovered 600 Miles From Its Family

Read about a poodle’s incredible survival after being separated from her family for 600 kilometers.

Belle, a poodle puppy, has been gone for eleven days after jumping out of the car window while her father was driving. Unfortunately, by the time her family realized Belle was missing, they had already traveled three miles. They looked for her everywhere, but the unfortunate canine was nowhere to be seen.

During the search for Belle, Tim and his mother were devastated. Tim sought to call for aid online out of desperation. He utilized his Facebook account to request assistance if they come across Belle. He gave a location on the ad where They announced a $2,000 prize for faster finds near SC-7 and US Highway 17 in West Ashley, where Belle might be found.

It’s aggravating to lose your dog unexpectedly, especially if it’s wandering in a dangerous area, doesn’t have anything to eat or drink, or is imprisoned in a cold and suffocating environment. So many unnecessary what-ifs would occupy your thoughts, breaking your heart, which is likely what Tim’s family went through. Tim didn’t know about Belle until someone approached him about her.

Thankfully, someone noticed Belle! They not only saw the sad puppy, but they also picked her up and provided her with a temporary home. The distance between Tim’s and Belle’s locations, however, was 600 miles. So what is the reason for this? Because Belle was on her way to Miami, where the excellent samaritan intended to go!

According to WCIV, the people chose Belle out of goodwill because they were scared she would be hit by a car. After that, they discovered Belle’s lost post and were able to return her to her family.

Tim alerted all of his Facebook pals that Belle had been located after they reunited. He also praised God and everyone involved in their incredible, joyful reunion.

Source: Chris Pleasance viaDaily Mail

Source: Tim Whitfield via Facebook

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