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Senior Dog Selflessly Serves As His Blind Brothers Guide

All dogs deserve to live a good and happy life. But some dogs arent very lucky.

In 2012, Kimchi, a Cocker Spaniel, was left alone on the streets in the Philippines. He was almost blind, lonely, and afraid when rescues found and took him.

With a little trim and some warm bath, Kimchi looks dashing and ready to find his forever home. The fuzzy-faced rescue dog has caught so much attention from potential adopters. Among the many interested people, one family best suited Kimchis condition.

A couple with a golden retriever named Ginger was the lucky family. They easily bonded with Kimchi. According to the couple, their dog, Ginger, isnt always comfortable around other dogs. But with Kimchi, its as if theyve always known each other.

Before meeting Kimchi, the couple almost got a different dog. Everything was set for the adoption, but Ginger did not approve of it. She made her dislike known by acting aggressively toward the new dog. The couple left with no choice, decided to terminate the adoption.

Kimchi was their last chance at getting a new dog. It came as a surprise when Ginger was so calm when she saw Kimchi. The couple took the two dogs for a short walk to see if Ginger would change her mind. But nothing changed! Ginger even showed affection toward Kimchi by licking his head.

At the very moment, the couple knew Kimchi is the one and finalized the adoption quickly. Not long, the rescue dog finally came home with his new family.

Ginger and Kimchi treated each other like real siblings. As their bond grows stronger, they depended on each other more.

As soon as they both enter their senior years, Kimchi completely lost his vision. It made it hard for him to move around.

Without any form of training, Ginger was to the rescue. She voluntarily took the responsibility of becoming Kimchis guide. Soon enough, Ginger learns to guide Kimchi using his leash.

The blind dog seems to have no trouble navigating their house. Its the outside world thats challenging to him. But theres no need to fear because Ginger is with him always.

Source Ginger and Kimchi via Facebook

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