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Rescuers Save a Blind Senior Dog Who Strolled Inside A California Auto Yard – He’s Now Looking For A Forever Family

When an employee at an auto yard in Sun City, California, noticed a giant dog slowly plodding within their property, he was heartbroken. He could see the dog was exhausted and had been through a lot. His vision was hazy, and he had difficulty walking. This made him think the poor dog was blind.

The employee knew that if his supervisor spotted the dog, he would contact animal control. If he were sent to the local shelter, he would sleep. So he seized the dog and placed him beneath a shed. He tied him up, gave him food and water, and contacted Hope for Paws, a rescue organization.

The Rescue Operation

Two women raced to save him when they realized the dog’s life was in jeopardy. When they got to the yard, the staff greeted them and brought them to a sad-looking dog. But, like the good man, the two ladies were heartbroken by the dog’s plight.

They began talking to him softly, hoping to gain his trust. Finally, they recognized he couldn’t see them, so they did not make any unexpected noises or rapid movements that may alarm the elderly dog. They could wrap a soft leash around his neck in no time.

In Search Of Love

The rescuers transported the fearful dog to the vet, where he was thoroughly examined. He had a broad list of health issues, which they uncovered. He was blind due to ocular malignancies, but he also had dehydration, skin infection, periodontal disease, and two mass cell tumors.

The dog, whom they called Duncan, was given medicine, and they expected him to take some time to recuperate. In the meantime, he’ll be safe with a foster family. They’re all hopeful he’ll find a permanent family to adore him for the rest of his life. Regardless of how much of it remains.

Source: Frosted Faces Foundation via?Facebook

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