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Pit Bull Survives After Being Rescued By Heroic Dog Mom From A Frozen Pool

How far will you really go to save your dog’s life? When asked the same question, one Tennessee woman did not hesitate. Jennie Tatum put her fears and discomforts aside when her pet was in danger.

Tatum acted after his Pit Bull Sid slid through the ice of a freezing pool. She smashed the ice and brought Sid to safety. As a result, Tatum is regarded as a hero by both humans and dogs.

Sid and his canine brother Olaf were out for a stroll when Sid took a wrong turn. They ran into the snow-covered backyard, where a sheet of ice had formed on the open pool of the family. As Olaf pursued him, Sid jumped into the water without thinking. Before anyone could respond, Sid disappeared into the ice, and he hadn’t been seen since.

Tatum saw the horrible scene from inside and rushed out to the pool. Without hesitation, she jumps into the pool where Sid had fallen. But the dog was nowhere to be seen despite her efforts to break through the ice.

When Tatum couldn’t see the 50-pound dog, she leaped back out of the water and went to the other side. From there, Sid’s shadow could be seen beneath the ice. She raced back over to him, dragged him out of the water, and carried him into the warmth of the house.

Tatum is fortunate to have a veterinarian as a next-door neighbor. Many roads were closed because Tennessee isn’t used to this much snow. Sid’s chances of receiving emergency treatment would have been low if vet April Smith hadn’t stepped in.

Sid had been underwater for over 60 seconds. His lips and tongue had a strange blue color. Because he was barely conscious when he was taken out, Smith gave him an emergency shot.

She went on to say that while Sid may have initially held his breath, he still needed oxygen to heal. In this situation, every second counts, and Tatum saved his life.

Sid is a lucky dog. He has overcome obstacles that few other canines have, allowing him to be with his devoted mother. Sid has entirely healed and is happily playing with his toys as usual.

Even though the snow has gone, he now avoids the pool at all costs. While many have lauded Tatum as a hero, she maintains that she did nothing more than any other dog lover would. If a dog were in danger, she’d do the same thing.

Tatum claims she doesn’t need a pool cover because they keep it open all year. Unfortunately, the piping that protects the pool from icing over broke not long before this horrible occurrence. The camera footage has now been made public as a warning to other dog owners.

Watch the incredible video below.

Credits: ABC7 via YouTube

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