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Meet Margaux, An Adorable Dog That Is Blind And Deaf But Still Manages To Live A Fulfilled Life

Margaux is the 12-year-old poodle of Scott and Laura Jordan of Idaho. Recently, Margaux began to act strangely. The couple took her to the vet for answers.
There, Margaux’s family learned she suffers from a degenerative disease affecting her hearing and eyes. To prevent further damage, the vet suggested the removal of the dog’s eyes. After that, Margaux was both deaf and blind.

Nonetheless, she still has a family who loves her and will continue to care for her throughout her life. Dogs make great pets. They’re loyal, wonderful companions who can help you by protecting your home and family.
But they do have their drawbacks, too. They get sick, require long-term medical care, shed hair like crazy, and can ruin your yard with their digging. But despite these drawbacks, dogs are still great pets that deserve loving care.

After all, dogs would never leave your side, so you should also do the same. Dogs are very friendly and will stick with you through good and bad times. They’re also very protective of their owners, and they’ll defend them in case of danger.

Dogs can also tell when you’re sad or happy and respond by licking your face or bringing you their favorite toy. They are very social creatures that love being around other people or animals. However, sometimes, this may cause them to act aggressively towards strangers, which might put those people in danger if they’re not careful enough when interacting with such an animal.

Overall, though, dogs make great pets because they’ll never leave your side no matter what happens. You’ll always have someone who loves you unconditionally by being there beside them without saying anything. Just remember that your pet dog needs lots of affection, too, so give them some pats on the head now and then before leaving home for work each morning.
You can watch the full video here.

You can watch the full video here.


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