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How to prevent a dog from suffering on a car trip?

Dog discomfort on trips, mainly in cars, is a frequent problem. Throughout my life, I have had to travel many times with my dogs in the car. Like many of you, it occurred to me that my dog got dizzy. Many times they even vomited inside the vehicle. So here is a bit of my experience on the subject.

Can we do something to avoid them?

Without a doubt, yes, it should stop being an issue to enjoy our trip. Apart from being uncomfortable, due to the spots caused by saliva or vomiting, dogs may become dangerous because they can bother the driver. Trips are a cause of suffering for the animal that should stop.


dog in the windowGeneral problem

You should know that most dogs get dizzy in the car, which gives an idea of ??the problem. Bad previous experiences, lack of getting used to, and even the vehicle’s place in which they travel. There are specific treatments for vomiting and dizziness that our vet can advise us.

Dizziness and vomiting.

Why are you dizzy in the car? Dizziness and vomiting may be due to vehicle movement. This type of dizziness is more frequent in puppies, but they disappear with age. The dogs that connect the car with the visit to the vet reject it, generating anxiety.

If you get dizzy and have a terrible time on your first occasion, this impression remains latent and manifests in future events. However, from puppies, those who associate the trip with walks, outings, or positive experiences generally accept it with pleasure.

dog car
Keys to getting used to traveling by car

As I mentioned earlier, previous bad experiences may be responsible for dizziness. So we have to offer our friends short trips at the beginning.

As far as possible to places that they already recognize and associate with good experiences. Do not yell at them or challenge them if they break down. That way, we will get them used to travel in the car, that’s the way I did it.

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