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Did you know this? How to get healthy hair on your pet?

One of the concerns of dog owners is that of taking care of their pet’s hair. What to do to get brighter or silkier hair? The goal does not always have to go in that direction; the most prudent thing is to ask yourself: How do you get healthy hair?

So that you can understand that the consequence of healthy hair goes through many factors that intervene in the daily life of the pet.

Possibly the image of hair in the wind, dazzling and moving, the result of the publicity of the brands of shampoos for humans, is what drives owners to consider that their pet has to have such hair, soft, shiny, and beautiful. But the truth is that not all dogs have the same hair, nor can they be treated in the same way.

dog hair
To visualize the situation a little, it must be said that more than three hundred and thirty registered dog breeds and that if we do not add those of the new hybrids, it is not possible that they can all be treated equally.

Owners must consider that their pet’s hair is not as it should be if they see that it is dry or brittle, has some flaking or dandruff, and even if the hair loss is excessive. So there is something that is not being done well. Consulting the pet’s veterinarian is essential, or the dog groomer will indicate the steps to follow.

Many factors intervene in our pet’s hair, pollution, food, stress, suitable cosmetics, health, etc. All this will influence that our pet has healthy, reliable, and shiny hair, in short, healthy hair.


Formerly we considered that a pet was well fed with leftovers and others, nothing to do with reality, the contribution of nutrients, vitamins, and basic needs that a pet’s body needs can only be achieved with a balanced diet.

For this, we will have to consult our veterinarian who will indicate that I think it is the most suitable for our pet at all stages of its life, trying to ensure that it is always high-end and that it has the necessary contribution for the proper functioning of the body.

If we do so, we will achieve an adequate physical condition of our pet, and therefore the hair looks healthy and healthy.

Lhasa Apso

Lately, various allergic diseases frequently affect our pets. Consequently, we see too many animals with lousy hair in barbershops: alopecia and even bald.

For all this, the various brands have a wide range of dog food that we can find on the menu, for allergic puppies, food for dogs with kidney problems, and even all-vegetable meals.

But not only with a proper diet, but we will also achieve in its entirety that you have healthy hair, other factors will help us achieve the goal.


As in humans, stress is a vital part of the canine world. What carries inevitable consequences, such as hair loss, alopecia, hormonal decompensations, etc., is an endless number of pathologies caused by stress that is modifying the pet’s external beauty since they directly affect the skin and hair. of this.

One way to maintain psychological compensation within the state of pets is to provide them with a healthy life, making play and exercise part of it, thus avoiding the sedentary lifestyle that so many obesity problems are causing in animals today.

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