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Dog Escape Artist Returns To Shelter 11 Times After Being Adopted, Finally Lands A Permanent Job At Shelter

Some dogs are born to be house pets; they offer good companionship, loyalty, and happiness. And there are also dogs that seem to have a particular purpose in life. Some become specialized in a specific field, such as for detection or search and rescue. They commonly get special training to fit their roles.

Then there is this one dog that seemed to know exactly what he was destined to be and made sure that he gets to do it.

11 returns

Gumby is a seven-year-old hound that is notorious for being an escape artist. The homeless dog was picked up as a stray and brought to the Charleston Animal Society. It is a no-kill shelter in South Carolina which has a history of saving animals for more than a hundred years.

Unlike other unlucky homeless dogs, Gumby has found a more than willing family to give him a happy home. In fact, Seven families adopted him. This was only possible because Gumby would run away from his adoptive family after several days of staying with them.

Sometimes, Gumby would be picked up as a stray after shelter volunteers thought he was at his new home. There were also times when his new family surrendered him. This is because he kept on escaping, and they were worried that he might get hurt or lost. They just couldn’t handle his escape act.

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All in all, Gumby was brought to the shelter 11 times.

A purpose in life

The staff at the Charleston Animal Society noticed that the escapes were only made outside of the shelter. He never did any attempt when he was there. They also noticed that Gumby has a significant effect on the other dogs in their care. The escape artist seems to bring out the best in the other pups.

He has the ability to adjust his own behavior so that other dogs feel more comfortable around him and the shelter staff. So they decide to permanently keep Gumby and make him a part of their behavioral team.

The staff thinks that maybe, Gumby knew that he was needed at the shelter, and he wanted to serve that purpose.

Source: videoinspirational via Youtube

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