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An 11-Year-Old Boy Searches For Odd Jobs To Have Funds For The Medical Treatment Of His Dog

For all the right reasons, a young child from Pittsboro, Indiana, has gone viral.
When Lucas Fuller discovered that his dog was gravely ill and likely to die if not treated, he instantly wanted to assist his parents in earning money to cover the medical expenses. He prepared and distributed flyers advertising his services across their area.
The 11-year-old child stated in the flyer that he would trim hedges, mow lawns, and wash vehicles to help pay for his dog’s veterinarian care.
Someone noticed the sign and took a photo of it. The post rapidly went viral, and offers of assistance poured in.
Lucas has known his best friend Bear since the latter was a puppy. They share a deep connection, so Lucas was taken aback when he realized his dog was gravely ill.
It all began when they noticed Bear coughing frequently. The symptoms then became more severe. The dog’s eyes began to fill with pus, and his skin became covered in painful sores and scabs.
They took Bear to a veterinarian, where he was diagnosed with blastomycosis following a series of tests. This is a fungal infection that enters the body through inhalation of soil-borne microorganisms. If left untreated, the disease has the potential to be lethal. Regrettably, the procedure is quite costly.
The family discussed it and recognized that raising the money would be tough. That is when Lucas volunteered to assist.
Donations began pouring in after his flyer went viral. The small boy’s determination to help his best pal moved many people.
When the boy’s mother realized how many people wanted to help, she created a GoFundMe campaign. They quickly exceeded their goal.
Bear underwent treatment and has made significant progress. The tenacious dog is fully recovering from the sickness, thanks to the kindness of strangers and a young boy’s love.

Source: gofundme

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