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After Saving In Just Minutes Before Euthanasia, The Dog Hugs His Rescuers

Because of a lack of neutering and spaying, several areas in the southern United States have abundant dogs. Sadly, many animal shelters choose to euthanize pets due to congestion rather than consider a more humane option. Unfortunately, this type of circumstance occurs in the United States and many other countries. However, it is not the fault of these poor dogs that many dog owners are irresponsible!

A stray puppy named Robin was found on the streets and put in a kill shelter. However, the kill shelter did not give him a fighting chance because he had a leg injury and scheduled him for death right soon. Fortunately, the bewildered dog was saved just minutes before he was scheduled to be euthanized.

Robin was taken to Vet Ranch, a shelter for homeless animals, by the rescuers. He was checked, and X-rays were born there. According to the X-ray results, the dog only had a bruised leg.

However, the most excellent part of the puppy’s visit to the veterinarian was his reaction. While most dogs are wary of new people, Robin immediately warmed up to the rescuers and even hugged the veterinarian to convey his gratitude. He was undoubtedly aware that he was finally safe and in the company of decent people.

Since being rescued from the death shelter, the pup has been doing exceptionally well, according to the rescuers. They’re also relieved that Robin is now healthy and ready to start a new life with a new family.

Robin is now safe and happy, despite having had a traumatic experience. However, he also appears young, implying that he still has a long way to go. Hopefully, more caring people will come forward to help pets like Robin.

Video source: Vet Ranch viaYouTube

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