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After A Successful Adoption Event, Poor Dog Finds Himself Alone At The Shelter

A shelter from Kansas City was getting filled up with stray animals, so they decided to hold an adoption event. They hoped that through this day-long activity, the animals that they were housing would find permanent homes.

The shelter staff worked hard to promote the event, and thankfully, it was a huge success. A lot of people turned up, and more than 200 animals were adopted. The shelter staff should have been happy, but they still felt a little bit sad.

One dog was left behind, and he is now all alone in the shelter.

Loves humans

Kenny is a sweet and adorable goofball, and it must have pained him to watch his friends leave one by one. According to the shelter staff, the lovable dog easily makes friends with everyone he meets. He interacts with humans well.

They didn’t really understand why no one wanted him.

So that he wouldn’t feel sad and lonely, Kenny was moved to another shelter. The staff at his new temporary home immediately fell in love with him. They also felt sorry that he had to go through during the event. So they became very determined to find him a permanent family.

Forever home at last

They started by posting his story on their Facebook page and their website. They kept pushing to find the perfect family for him. They knew that the bigger exposure that he got, the higher the chances that Kenny would be seen by someone who will love him the way he deserves to be loved.

And before the month ended, they succeeded to complete their mission. The shelter counselors talked to Kenny’s new mom, and they could see that she was determined to give the dog a good life. After processing the application, everyone was overjoyed to finally see Kenny leave the shelter for his final home.

Source: Wayside Waifs via Facebook

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