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A Helpful Cavalier Spaniel Assists Its Young Newfie Sibling Remove The Burdensome Santa Hat Off Its Head

When the Christmas season arrives, devoted fur parents would happily dress up their canine companions for the occasion. Even if dogs dislike wearing costumes, their owners will find a method to coerce them into doing so.
Nonetheless, a fur mom could not persuade her Newfoundland to continue wearing its Santa hat after it began yanking on it. Additionally, it appeared that the Newfie’s Cavalier Spaniel sister wanted to assist it by tugging on the Santa hat.
Samson, a Newfoundland, stood in the living room wearing a Santa hat. Samson’s Cavalier Spaniel sibling, Rambo, stood behind him.
Yet Samson and Rambo remained silent as the Newfie started to throw a fit. The Newfoundland continued to leap across the room, closely followed by the Cavalier Spaniel.
Rambo even attempted to pounce on his Newfie brother’s back to seize the Santa hat that was sitting on its head. Noticing the commotion, Samson’s fur mom then inquired if he disliked the Santa hat that he was wearing.
Rather than replying, Samson continued his amusing anger tantrum. And, as the cap came off the Newfie’s head, it appeared this strategy was succeeding.
Rambo continued pouncing and grabbing the ribbon, although it was still attached to the Newfie’s neck. However, when Samson continued to shake his head and body, Mom convinced him to pause and allow Rambo to assist him.
Samson appeared to have finally grasped what Rambo was doing as he allowed him to tug on the ribbon. However, no matter how hard Rambo tugged at it, the ribbon remained immobile.
Eventually, the two removed the Newfie’s Santa hat from his head. And because they both didn’t like it, the two dogs abandoned the Santa hat on the floor and went to do other fun things.

Source: Rumble Viral

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