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Woman Turns Her Dogs Excess Fur Into Shedding Art

A few years ago, Reddit user @rachelfromearth brought home a miserable white dog named Mowgli into her home. While it was unknown what his life was like in the past, the poor physical state he was found in could lead anyone to think of the worst-case scenarios. So she started to take good care of him, and the adorable dog transformed into the best version of himself in no time.

After grooming him one day, @rachelfromearth came up with a random idea and trusted her creative gut. She collected her dog’s excess fur and took a few funny photos using them. What could have usually been considered as excess hair turned into something rather entertaining.

She shares that Mowgli was rescued through the help of Shenandoah Shepherd Rescue in June 2017. They are an organization that pulls out many dogs from high volume, high kill shelters in rural Texas. His past continues to be a mystery, as Mowgli was a stray when he got admitted to the shelter. However, they believe he’s around five years old and a white German Shepherdalthough he hasn’t been officially breed tested.

They first saw a photo of him looking underweight and missing a lot of his body fur. They were also told that he was heartworm positivebut nothing could keep the bright, big smile on his adorable face when he saw his future family. Reddit user @rachelfromearth knew Mowgli was the dog for her, and volunteers from the facility immediately transported her future pet in a van in Virginia and other rescue dogs. Together with other fosters and adopters eagerly waiting for their newest family members, the dogs were picked up in a hotel parking lot.

The gorgeous white dog was a little shy at first, but as his health improved, he blossomed into a goofy, happy-go-lucky, and silly dog. His new owner also happily announced that Mowgli is already heartworm free, currently weighs around 88lbs. and has grown back his fur.

The unique fur-art transformation started in December 2018 after Mowgli’s brushing session. It began with @rachelfromearth forming the dog fur into a pile that looked like a thought bubble. She took a photo of it, uploaded it on Instagram for her family and friends to enjoy. She says she couldn’t figure out what inspired her to do it, but the amount of fur that Mowgli was shedding comes in ridiculous proportions, so she looked for ways to highlight that.

One inspiration turned into anotherand as they say, the rest is history. She took on the fun challenge every time she brushed him, making her think about other witty ideas for the pile of fur she got from him. Since then, she has been making her signature ‘weird dog shedding art’!

Mowgli’s fur-mom is delighted with the attention that her funny dog photos have been getting. She says that it pleases her to see how people appreciate her pet and the spectacular results of his shedding.

But on a more prominent note, she hopes that her furry passion project will make people see how taking a chance on rescue dogs can transform their lives. She wishes to defunct the notions people have with rescue dogs. Such as how you can’t get one if you are after a specific breed, or that rescue dogs have behavioral issues or that they won’t be as physically attractive, or that you won’t be able to love a dog if you weren’t able to take care of them as a puppy. Her story with Mowgli proves that even the most neglected canines can come a long way if only they are given a chance.

She also encourages anyone who enjoyed her photos to donate anything to the Shenandoah Shepherd Rescue to help dogs like Mowgli land forever homes.

Showering maltreated and neglected animals with much needed TLC will do a lot of wonders for them. And Mowgli’s story shows us exactly what the power of a loving home can do.

Source: @rachelfromearth /Reddit

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