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Witty Pug Uses Robot Vacuum Cleaner As Its Newest Ride

Everyone knows the ingenious nature that dogs have in their adorable personalities. Thus, canines find ways to spice up their day by trying out different ways of doing a particular task.

With this, a witty Pug rides atop a robot vacuum cleaner while it picks up the dust on the floor. And, it looks like the pups not descending anytime soon even as the vacuum bumps its face against the wall.

Yay! This is such a sweet ride, Mom!

In this comical footage, one can initially see a mix-furred Pug named Martin sitting on the floor of a hallway. Yet, if you look more closely, youll notice that Martins not merely lounging on it.

It turns out, Martins riding atop their robot vacuum cleaner while its busy ridding of the floor with dust. Even as the device moves across the floor, the Pug takes the chance to glance at Mom.

Intrigued by this sight, Mom then adjusts the cameras viewing angle to have a better look at Martin. The woman continues filming, with the Pug closely following her every move even as it continues riding atop the cleaner.


As the video progressed, the witty Pug continues with its awesome ride atop the vacuum cleaner. Even as the robotic cleaner carries on with its task, Martin merely gazes at his surroundings to look out for any obstacles along the way.

Yet, Martins too preoccupied with sightseeing that he didnt notice that the vacuum cleaners heading towards the wall. Thus, as the vacuum cleaner turns around, Martin bumps his face against the concrete.

Do you think this little mishap made Martin change his mind about the device and descends from it? You only need to continue watching the footage in the link below to find out.

Video Credit: Rumble Viral via YouTube

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