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Why Pug Breed Is Considered A Great Family Dog

Those little dogs with shortened snouts are famous all over the world.


Origins of the Pug


The Pug breed is native from China. It is a small dog with a round head and expressive facial wrinkles.

They were transported from China to the Netherlands. One story tells that in 1572, a Pug saved Prince William from Spanish soldiers. From that day on, the breed was forever tied to the royal House of Orange.

The Duke and Duchess of Windsor had a Pug for company, and Napoleon’s wife also had a Pug as a pet. The Victorian Era of England took Pugs as the latest in dog fashion, and many pugs were models for paintings of that time.

They are one of the most desirable breeds of dogs in the USA and the rest of the world.

pug pup

Pugs Appearance


The majority of Pugs have one primary color: fawn. Then black is the second most common color.

It is a little dog. The height range is from 10 to 11 inches, and it weighs from 14 to 18 pounds.

Pugs are wrinkly dogs, with deep crevices on their faces and all over their bodies.

The tail of a Pug is it’s short and curly, typically looping once or even twice.

The top attribute of the Pug is their flat face.


Pug Temperament

  • Pugs are very calm dogs, and they do not usually bark, dig, or break things.
  • The Pug tends to get along well with other dogs and with kids. They enjoy the company, and pugs are loving.
  • Perpetual expression of tenderness, it is impossible to say no to that little face.
  • They are good parents, and they are incredibly cuddly with their puppies.
  • Pugs are pure love. With the right encouragement and affection, your Pug can always smile at you.


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