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Video of German Shepherd Showing Her Excitement When She Saw Her Owner Who Spent A Year In Service

Military personnel makes significant sacrifices in the name of duty. One of the most painful things about deployment is leaving your family behind. But it also makes reunions that much more special. Particularly for dogs.

We’ve seen how agitated pets may become when they miss us. Yet, after spending most of the day at work, dog owners are met with the warmest welcomes every day. This particular dog had a similar, if not stronger, reaction. But it took her a minute to comprehend who was standing in front of her.

Mommy has returned.

Seiko, a German Shepherd, was a little puppy when her mother, a soldier, was deployed to Kuwait. She served a whole year before being allowed to return home.

She missed her puppy terribly and wanted to surprise her. She was also curious to watch Seiko’s reaction.

German Shepherd, dog, adorable

As a result, when she returned, she remained by their door while the soldier’s mother summoned her dog. The mother has also begun documenting the reunion.

When Seiko was summoned, she dashed into the living room. She had just crossed the hallway to the door when she noticed someone standing near the front door.

She dashed towards the individual but backed away when the soldier reached for her. The German Shepherd fixed his gaze on her and began barking. She couldn’t place her owner.

The soldier reassured the puppy that it was her, and after a few moments, the puppy realized it was her mother. The soldier then knelt to hug her dog.


Seiko’s tail waggled wildly when she realized her mother had returned. She also rose to have a better look at her. Then, she lavished her mother with kisses and cuddles.

Seiko couldn’t keep her excitement in check. She began spinning around and smelling her mother all over. She dashed across the room and returned when it became too much for her. She was overcome with happiness.

Credit: knox2613

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