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Video Of A Texas Family Helping a Foster Dog And Her Puppies During A Brutal Winter Storm

Humans will always prioritize their family first in a crisis, such as the recent Texas winter storm. But, despite their difficulties, Aubrey Morgan and her family went above and beyond to assist their foster doggo, Maggie, and her newborn puppies.

Any winter storm is difficult to deal with, but the one that recently hit Texas was one of the worst they had ever seen. The fact that the power went out made this natural occurrence even worse. The energy that went out exacerbated this natural occurrence by making heating impossible for the millions of Texans who needed it.

The Morgans were terrified for Maggie, their foster dog when this problem hit Texas. Aubrey did a lot of research on fostering a pregnant doggo because it was their first time. So imagine her distress when they were unable to provide heating for Maggie’s puppies.

When Aubrey’s husband had a brilliant idea, the foster pooch already had babies. So they spread out a tarp and blankets in the backseat of their SUV and turned on the heat. They then relocated Maggie and her four puppies to keep them warm.

Aubrey and her husband took turns keeping an eye on Maggie while she was still in labor. The mother doggo gave birth to seven puppies, all of whom are still alive and well. Despite their difficulties, the Morgans were overjoyed to assist in the delivery of the puppies.

Maggie’s former home, the Hill Country SPCA, praised the Morgans for their quick thinking and sacrifice. Hopefully, Maggie and her puppies will find homes forever as a result of this story making headlines. However, we wouldn’t be surprised if the Morgans themselves adopted a puppy or two. These puppies are too adorable to ignore, and their previous experience undoubtedly aided them in bonding with the fur babies.

Credit and Picture: Nightly news NBC News

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