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Unhappy Dog Was Depressed At A Shelter Until She Saw The Man Who Saved Her Life

Every day, countless pets suffer at the hands of cruel dog owners. It’s heartbreaking that humans can inflict such cruelty on innocent creatures when all they want is a lifelong home with a loving family. Thankfully, most of us have decent hearts and look for methods to give abused pets a second chance to live with their families.

On a rainy day in Sacramento, firefighter Mike Thawley discovered a Pit Bull puppy tied up and soaking wet. Mike hurried to save the small dog and carried her to the Front Street Animal Shelter, where she received the necessary medical treatment. However, the puppy appeared unhappy at the shelter.

Mike decided to visit the puppy the next day to see how she was doing. Chunkie, the puppy’s name, was given to her, and she had the cutest reaction when she was reunited with her savior. Chunkie sees Mike right away and begins wagging her tail, suggesting that she wants some hugs from Mike.

Mike, of course, couldn’t resist the lovely dog and started to pet and cuddled her. Mike even dresses Chunkie in a pink shirt to help her recover from mange. What’s cuter is that as Mike was about to leave, Chunkie followed him.

Chunkie seemed to have a crush on Mike, and Mike, for his part, couldn’t resist the notion of taking Chunkie home with him as soon as she was well enough to leave the shelter. Mike also mentioned that he would discuss fostering Chunkie with his family. Let’s hoping he receives permission from his family so Chunkie maybe with the person she most wants to be with. Here’s a video that shows Mike rescuing a puppy in need and how he and Chunkie connected following the rescue.

Video Source You Should Know? via YouTube

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