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Two Starving Homeless Pit Bulls Inside An Abandoned Chicago Building Have Wholly Transformed Thanks To Rescuers.

The officers were concerned because they knew the two dogs would not last long in the local shelter. As a result, they would not receive the additional attention and care required. Furthermore, their condition made them very likely to be put to sleep. So they decided to contact a non-profit organization to assist them in saving the dogs.

The cops contacted Trio Animal Foundation, a Chicago-based organization that works closely with shelters and assists in various aspects of rescue, such as paying medical bills and finding stray animals a new family.

The group agreed to assist and immediately went to the local animal clinic.

Bridgid Nolan, Medical and Rescue Director for Trio Animal Foundation (TAF), spoke with the officers and medical personnel. They agreed that the dogs would be treated at the hospital and returned to the foundation when they were well enough. The TAF would also cover their medical expenses.

The hospital staff gave the two pit bulls, Emmy and Oscar, their undivided attention for the next three weeks. They gradually gained weight and appeared happier. They were then released from the hospital.

Emmy, who was making better progress, was quickly adopted by one of the vet techs caring for her. From the moment they met, the two became inseparably close. The foundation has placed Oscar in a foster home and is making excellent progress. However, his own forever family is still being sought.

Source: Trio Animal Foundation viaFacebook

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