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Two Shelter Dogs Created A Bond That Lasted Forever

It is undeniable that shelter life is not as easy as anyone thinks. The loud environment and the constant hustle and bustle of people coming in and out every day is enough stress as it is.

Even the toughest animals would shake with fear almost all of the time. It has been said that anything that could bring comfort -may it be person, thing, or another animal – will be an asset.

For two dogs named Merrill and Taco, they found comfort with each other. When Rocket Dog Rescue took possession of the pit bull and chihuahua, it was a match made in heaven. They were like soulmates.

Their bond strengthened when Merrill, the pit bull, got sick. She had to undergo surgery because of failed pregnancies. But through this obstacle, the shelter staff noticed the connection between Taco and Merrill.

When Merrill wasn’t around and getting treatment, Taco was like a lost puppy. For days, the staff would hear the chihuahua’s cries throughout the hallway.

The piercing cries were so heartbreaking that when they got Merrill out from her kennel, Taco whimpered. It even became worse when they separated again. Eventually, the staff decided to let them see each other again.

Placing two dogs together during a surgical recovery is an event like none other, but the staff knew they didn’t have any choice. As soon as Taco was in Merrill’s embrace, he calmed down and cuddled with her.

Seeing the sweet bond of the two dogs made the staff realize that they are inseparable and should never be separated. So, they decided to advertise them together, hoping that someone would adopt both dogs.

They posted pictures of them on social media. They have thought of wonderful ideas to catch people’s attention. But even with all the reactions and comments, the duo was still unsuccessful in finding their forever home.

This fact alone is what they expected, considering the age gap between the two dogs. Merrill was a healthy and young dog while Taco is already in his senior year. For some reason, people don’t prefer dogs his age, and that was genuinely heartbreaking.

But after months of tireless advertising, a woman named Jodi finally offered to adopt both of them! It was just perfect timing!

Both dogs lived happily ever after with their new family. Though Taco’s life was short-lived, he sure got to spend the rest of his days happy. You’ll see Merrill again at the right time, boy!

Thanks to Merrill and Taco for the photos.

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