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Two-Legged Pooch Who Spent Years At A Shelter Becomes A Famous Dog

Nessie McNubbins, a cute mix of chihuahua and poodle, was born without front legs. Although this deformity is yet to be determined, veterinarians suspected it was due to neglectful breeding. But even with this condition, the dog remained upbeat and positive in life.

The pooch spent most of her years at the animal shelter. On her eight-year with the shelter, a blessing knocked on the dogs life. A family was willing to adopt her because they are looking for a special needs dog.

When Theresa Loyacano heard about the dogs condition, she knew that Nessie was the one she is looking for. Before adopting the dog, Therese is already home to two other dogs with special needs. This is why she is no stranger to the repercussions of adopting dogs with this kind of need.

According to Theresa, it was like fate because after seeing the dogs photo, she knew that Nessie is the dog for her. For Theresa, it was love at first sight with Nessie. She also said that she adopted the pooch, not because of pity, but because she knows Nessie is deserving of good things.

After adopting the dog, Theresa decided to create an Instagram page for Nessie. At first, the idea was just for fun. Theresa said she wanted to document the life of the pooch under her care. Little did Theresa know that the dogs photos will then inspire other people to adopt dogs with special needs.

With this development, Theresa became the happiest because she knew that she was able to persuade other people to adopt dogs in her small ways. Nessie, meanwhile, is enjoying her new life with her new family. But more than this, the dog is now an internet star with over 100,000 followers on Instagram. Dog owners enjoy Nessie’s content because of the dog’s lively personality.

Credits to Nessie Mcnubs.

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