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To Reunite With His Family, A Golden Retriever Walks 62 miles In Two Weeks

Some dogs will go to great lengths to reconcile with their owners after a long absence. Ping An, a lovely Golden Retriever, had no clue she’d be removed from her family. Ping An’s family decided to leave the dog with a friend while they remodeled their home.

They were well aware that the renovations would be lengthy, noisy, and scary for poor Ping An. So they drove 62 miles to her temporary residence and briefly abandoned the 1-year-old Golden Retriever. Ping An’s temporary caregivers were kind to her, but she had a sneaking suspicion that something wasn’t quite right.

She couldn’t tolerate being apart from her family for long periods, so she took matters into her own hands. She escaped from her actual house after four months of living with her family’s acquaintances. The only difficulty was that she’d have to travel for at least two weeks to get there.

Ping An mysteriously vanished, frightening both families. They were concerned about Ping An and were on the lookout for her. They had no clue, however, that the puppy was far more intelligent than they had imagined.
For weeks, the family had no idea where Ping An was. Finally, however, it was discovered that she was on the right track. But, unfortunately, after two weeks of walking, she was in poor shape.

Ping An was seen limping in front of an office building. The dog was friendly, but it was underweight and covered with open sores, which alerted the building’s employees to a problem. They admitted her and treated her injuries. They then posted photographs of her on social media in the hopes of locating her family members.

Her family eventually tracked her down, and they were reunited. They vowed to keep her with them for the rest of her life for her to be happy and safe. Ping An even means “safe and sound,” which is how she feels now that she’s back home. While changes might be frightening for a dog, nothing is more complex than being apart from loved ones, as her family discovered.

Credits:Motorhub Kiambu Road via YouTube

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