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Tiny Chihuahua Shows Her Dad That Good Things Come In Small Packages, And Dad’s Delight Over The Puppy’s Display Of Affection Is A Major Mood

We all know that tiny packages hold the most precious gifts. That certainly is true for this human dad when he received this baby Chihuahua as a gift.
This puppy is one of the best gifts this family has ever received. She’s so cute, cuddly, and sweet, but also has a personality. That’s why they named the puppy Sassy.
Sassy was not the dog dad had in mind, but when he saw her, he couldn’t say no to this tiny ball of fluff. She was afraid of him at first, and you could see in this video that Sassy was trembling. It was just so cute!
Chihuahuas are known for being calm, confident, and very curious. Dad must have wanted a bigger pet with a muscled form, but he saw Sassy, and that was that.
Sassy loves running around and playing with her stuffed Santa. We’re still determining why, but she does. Perhaps the toy helps her figure things out, so it’s no wonder Sassy loves to bring Santa everywhere.
This puppy is one of the cutest dogs ever. She may still be in the process of being potty trained, but that didn’t affect her cutie-barometer ratings.
Puppies like Sassy have already proven they could make everybody love them, including dads who didn’t think getting a dog was a good idea.
We wouldn’t be surprised if this tiny puppy becomes her dad’s favorite. We can already see the telltale signs and understand why Dad’s smitten.

Well done, little one. Focus on mastering your bathroom manners, and you won’t have to worry about Dad ever getting mad at you.
To all our readers, if you need help with what to get your dad, we recommend getting him a dog he could cuddle and play with. Trust us, he will love it!

Credits to Chanlinda Hem via YouTube

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