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Three Cane Corsos Were Dumped In The Mountain, And A Woman Spent Three Hours Each Day For A Month Trying To Save Them.

Three Cane Corsos were dumped in the mountain, and a woman spent three hours each day for a month trying to save them.

A woman named Veronica witnessed an enormous black creature glide around a bend while hiking in the Angeles National Forest. When she turned around, she saw it was a dog. It made its way up the cliff’s side and into the trees.

When Veronica followed the dog, she noticed there were three of them instead of just one. She knew she had to get them down from the mountain, but rescuing three Cane Corsos was no easy task. She contacted animal control; however, authorities told him that the terrain was hazardous and couldn’t do much.

Without any help, Veronica decided to handle things her way. The next day, she returned to the mountain to concentrate on gaining the dogs’ trust by feeding them. She made sure to bring enough food and water for the animals every day because they were starving.

Gracie, Steve, and George spent two to three hours each day with Veronica. She even took her father to the mountains on occasion. She understood it would take a long time and a lot of effort to persuade the dogs to trust her initially, but she was patient and ready for it.

Veronica eventually acquired the dogs’ trust. The first time they ate right from her hand, she was on the edge of tears. The first time they ate right from her hand. It made her joyful, but it also made her realize that rescuing three dogs came with its own set of issues.

The rescuer contacted several organizations until she was able to connect with the appropriate people. I Stand With My Pack, Deity Animal Rescue, and Paws For Life K9 took the lead and collaborated to rescue the dogs from the mountain. They put up humane traps and successfully secured the dogs with the help of Dog Days Search and Rescue and Montrose Search and Rescue.

Nobody knew how long the dogs had been terrified. But now that Gracie, Steve, and George are in a secure location, they can relax and unwind. And their new forever families will arrive shortly to welcome them home.

Credits toInstagram@mountainrescuedogs

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  1. I mentioned above: the dog without teeth needs to be considered in all circumstances. Mentioning the med to address chewing at the feet………….a dog without teeth can’t use this meds. Thousands need it and are without teeth. Soooooooo many need meds, food, etc! Especially those who are not cared for prior to being adopted. Please recognize their need!!!!!!!!!!!!

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