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This Dog Refused To Get Out Of A Box Until Someone Reassured Him That He’ll Be Safe

Sometimes dogs are found abandoned under miserable conditions. For example, a stray may be found in the corner of the street living inside a box. This was certainly what happened to the dog named Plum.

Plum was named after the box of plums where he was found sleeping. It was a cramped box that served as his space during all the time he was alone. This is why the rescuers had trouble removing him from it at first.

Eventually, Plum learned to be comfortable inside the animal shelter. He also became very friendly with the employees there. Likewise, they adored him and made sure he received lots of head pats and cuddles.

The shelter spread the news that Plum was up for adoption. After a month, a woman named Melonie took interest and adopted him. This was the start of Plum’s great new life.

Under Melonie’s care, Plum gained a lot of weight. He was far from the scrawny figure that was stuck inside a box. He also became a very social dog, always wanting to play with Melonie’s other dog.

Melonie’s other dog isn’t fond of socializing and playing. However, Plum was the exception. With him around, the other dog would always be excited and ready to play.

Plum’s personality really shone when he was given proper care. Melonie found out that he’s a very silly dog that loves to roll around the grass. He can fall asleep anywhere and snores loudly regardless of his sleeping posture.

In hindsight, Plum’s life didn’t start out so well. Fortunately, after being taken in by a rescue organization called Lifeline Animal Project, his life took a different turn. Of course, Melonie played a huge role in his development as well. All the credit goes to them for giving Plum the life that he has now.

Video courtesy of The Dodo via YouTube.

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