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This Dog Gave This Prisoner A Reason To Live And A Second Chance At Life.

Smokey’s family abandoned him at a kill shelter in Las Vegas, Nevada. His family didn’t understand him, and they claimed he bit people. And he wouldn’t let anyone touch him for the first few weeks in the shelter. Because of this behavior, the cover thought he would be an excellent candidate for a dog training program run in collaboration with inmates.

It would be his second chance to get where he needed to go in life.

Smokey was assigned to Jason for the training program, and Jason was always encouraging and sending positive energy down that leash. He also made sure that Smokey felt safe with him at all times. Smokey, in particular, became sensitive to Jason’s emotions over time, and the pair became attuned to each other’s feelings. And that sensitivity became the necessary balance for Jason.

Aside from that, Jason learned to give trust to receive trust from Smokey. The bond they formed was the only thing that kept Jason alive.

After months of training, Smokey was finally ready to begin the next chapter of his life, finding his own family. However, when Jason left, he felt sick to his stomach, and the other inmates teased him that it was because he missed Smokey. He’d also frequently ask his mother, Cheryl if he’d already been adopted. Then, during their conversation, he mentioned that he wished Smokey was his dog.

Cheryl and her husband decided to adopt Smokey for Jason after hearing this. Smokey is now living happily with his new family and sibling. According to Cheryl, he blended in with their small family. On the other hand, Jason is ecstatic to see his buddy again.

Source: YouTube viaThe Dodo


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