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This Big Dog Was Returned Every Time, But Now He Has Found Someone Who Will Unconditionally Love Him

Captain was a 115-pound Great Pyrenees that had been surrendered to a local shelter. He was full of love and a lot of energy to burn outside playing. But, on the other hand, Captain had always been returned, most likely because he was too much too vast and lively.

When he was given the opportunity to be adopted for the first time, the adoption fell through. He was returned after three months the second time around. On the other hand, the volunteers never gave up on Captain, knowing that it would take a particular person to adopt him.

They received a promising application from Bruce and Bridgitte one day. The Captain would want to explore and use his energies on the acres of land they possessed. When Bruce saw a video of Captain immediately felt a connection to him. Apart from that, they had a miniature dachshund named Ginnie, who was lonely, so they decided to expand their family.

Bruce’s eyes glowed brightly when he first saw Captain enter the courtyard. He even got down alongside him and started playing with him. Captain was a very devoted dog, and Bridgitte is baffled as to how he was always returned. And by the end of their conversation, Bruce was confident that Captain would be his retirement companion.

On the other hand, Ginnie had an ultimate say, so the deal was off if she didn’t like him. Thankfully, the two got along swimmingly when they met for the first time. Captain was subsequently formally adopted, and the volunteers were delighted that their efforts had finally paid off. As a result, Captain has finally joined a family who adored him no matter what.

Captain’s cruise and first day at his forever home are seen in the video below.

Source and pictures: YouTube via The Dodo


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