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This Abandoned Dog Turns Into An Award-Winning Therapy Dog

A three-legged dog named Jeanie is living a dream. Despite her horrific past, she now has a happy life with her family. The dog was granted a handicap as a result of her previous owner’s misconduct.

When the dog was saved at five months, the rescuers discovered that she had a damaged front limb. The rescuers transported the puppy to a nearby animal shelter since they didn’t know what else to do.

The veterinarian who cared for the dog advised that the damaged limb be amputated immediately. This is due to the possibility of infection spreading to other regions of the body. Because the rescuers were at a loss for what to do, they followed the doctor’s suggestion.

Jeanie’s surgery went smoothly and safely, but the recovery period was the most difficult. The dog couldn’t realize she’d lost a limb, according to her rescuers. The rescuers had to keep reminding the puppy that she is unique no matter what.

Fortunately, a family led by Lydia Crochet arrived just in time to provide the puppy with the loving home she deserves. Lydia completed all of the necessary paperwork to adopt the dog. Lydia and her close family members brought the dog home after obtaining the all-clear.

Lydia then told the dog that she would have the most beautiful life she could have. Jeanie began to open up as the dog healed from her previous stress. She discovered that her problem is better addressed when other people are aware of it. Jeanie is now a therapy dog, and she was just recognized as an award-winning therapy dog.

Credits toJeanie the Three-Legged Dog.

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