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These Dogs Spy On Their Fur Mom Through The Adorable Peepholes On Their Fence

Ever since they joined the family, Billie, an Australia kelpie-dingo cross, and Seymour, a Brittany, had always been very attached to their fur parents, Erin Joyce and Dean. The two loved nothing more than hanging out with the couple every time they could and getting involved in everything they did.

One other thing that Billie and Seymour enjoyed doing, though, was spying on their fur mom. You see, just recently, Billie discovered a hole in their wood fence that separated the yard and the driveway. Being the curious canine that she was, she decided to peep through the hole.

That was when she found out that through that crack, she could watch over their driveway without leaving the yard. She knew this would be useful for spying on Erin whenever she came home. So since then, every time Billie sensed Erin’s car approaching the driveway, she would hurry over to the hole in the fence and watch her owner park the vehicle.

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This happened a few more times before Dean finally noticed the dog’s hilarious routine. Seeing how obsessed she was with the hole, Dean decided to carve a bigger peephole for Billie’s two eyes and snout. He also made one for Seymour since the six-month-old pooch loved copying his older sister.

Once Dean finished carving, the two dogs started to hang out by the fence more, much to the amusement of Erin, who was always welcomed by her two dogs’ adorable snouts. It was quite safe to say that the peepholes were now the two pups’ favorite thing in the world, especially since they loved to people watch all day long.

When Erin posted a clip of Billie and Seymour’s peepholes on TikTok, she didn’t expect the video to blow up as it did, attracting almost a million views to date! Watch the dogs’ viral video here.


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