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German Shepherd That Got Back Home After Being Gone For 5 Years.

Last week Dayn Reyes was pleasantly surprised when she got back to his house in Chillan, Chile, and saw a very loving German Shephard approach him. At the beginning, Dayan stayed away for a few seconds but then she felt there was something very familiar with the dog and, in fact, the dog was Leon a dog that had disappeared 5 years ago without a trace.

After a five-year search, Dayan reunited with Leon after coming back from her grocery shopping with her two children. She did not recognize him at first but then she asked Leon, is that you? and the dog ran towards her as if saying I am back home, mum. Since then, they have not separated.

Dayan and her husband, Cristbal Pino, had lost his dog in 2012. The dog was two years old then and they suspect he was taken.

We looked for him for a long time and whenever we saw a German Shephard, we would stop to see if it was him but we never found him. He was a loving dog and even after our son was our born, Leon remained in our thoughts and heart. Time went by and we stopped our search. However, he would always be our minds.

When Leon was four months old, he was diagnosed with canine distemper and so the vet recommended to put him to sleep. His family did not allow this and focused on his recovery. Leon was treated for the disease. He was unable to walk for months. During this period, he got some scars that were key to recognize him.

When he got sick, we cared for him like a baby. He even wore diapers. Miraculously, after a long treatment, he was able to recover and get his muscle tone back. After a while, he became a big, healthy, dog. He would only limp and his front leg moved towards one side.

Leon and his family

The family took Leon back as he had never left. It was like a movie when the dog saw her and jumped over her. He was very happy. It was unbelievable that was he was back. They doubted at first but he acted the same and would not eat standing up. The only difference is that he is quiet because he is older but he still loving and playful. He must have been with somebody because he looked very well overall.

Now that he is back, we are full of hope that everything is possible when theres love. Pet love is unforgettable and stands the test of time

Credit and picture: La Discusin|Chilevisin

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