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The Story Of a Dog Who Saved His Owners Life Moves The World; Doctors Had Doomed Him To Death

Heres a nice story that shows how pet love can transform their owners life. It actually happened in Torrevieja,Spain. A Spanish citizen had great improvement after receiving the visit of his French bull dog.

A victim of battery in the street, Jos Antonio Valero, ended up in the hospital. He was in the intensive care unit for 10 days. It happened one morning he had taken his Mabel, his little French bull dog, for a walk.

The brain injuries from the assault caused him problems with his motion and speech. Initially in the intensive care unit, the doctors really did not think he would make it. Little by little, thanks to the support and care, he was able to speak again and also was able to move the left part of his body.

During his rehab therapy, the doctors indicated that the patient always held a little plaster figure that had dogs fingerprints. When the doctors asked who it belonged to, he answered assertively that it belonged to his doggie, Mabel.

I am crazy about my girl. I have spoilt her. However, she was always been through difficult times- he told the doctors in a video recorded by La Razon, news media in Valencia.

It was then when the doctors decided that the patient should receive his pets visit and after this happened, Jose Antonio improved substantially.

Even though he was still at the hospital because of a surgery, the doctors assured the joy of seeing his pet saved him from dying.

Thats how it works when we love our pets.



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