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The Poodle, An Ideal Companion

Poodles never disappoint dog lovers. It only takes a friendly and intelligent single look to conquer you. Poodles are attractive not only thanks to their personality but also thanks to their image.

Poodles are easy to live with. They are intelligent, lively and fast-learners. They are also playful and never aggressive and never aggressive. It is easy to understand now why they are so popular.

Poodles are very passionate about playing with kids. They are delicate and this makes them a good ally to children. Even when this is the case, an adult should keep an eye on the child and the dog when they are playing. Poodles are very affectionate and they should be treated accordingly.

A dream hair

Poodle fur is very attractive because it allows owners to do their hair in different styles. You have plenty of options when it comes to hair grooming: dog grooming has become a full-time job. In fact, poodle grooming has worldwide competitions now. Many people take part in beauty contests and take dog grooming as a serious profession.

poodle puppy

These are some popular cuts:

– Puppy clip: this is a popular cut for puppies.

– Lamb clip: this cut is similar to a lamb. The poodle is pretty much shaved. It lasts for some time and it is comfortable during the summer.

– English saddle clip: this is the most typical cut. The body is left in full coat and some parts are shaved.

– Dutch clip: this cut seems like a jacket and long pants with a clipped strip separating both pieces.

– Toilettege modern: the fur is left intact in all four legs.

– The Scandanvian trim: this is a modern cut. This cut covers all the entire body but a bit of the paw.

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