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The Moving Story Of a Dog That Saved His Blind Owner From Death

Cecil Williams (61) was on his way to the dentist with his handsome guide dog, Orlando. Cecil felt weak and fainted. This happened at the subway station and at the train tracks!

Orlando threw himself to the tracks in the Manhattan subway station when his owner fainted and fell down in front of an approaching train. Witnesses said that Orlando started barking loudly to help Cecil.

Witnesses asked for help and the train driver to slow down the speed as William and Orlando were trapped in the tracks.

The dog saved my life said Williams. When he regained consciousness, he says he heard somebody asking him to stay still. He was placed on a stretcher and take to the hospital. Orlando was not hurt.

At the hospital, Cecil recovered with Orlando by his bedside.

Williams lives in Brooklyn. He is blind since 1995. Orlando is his second dog. At age 11 Orlando is set to retire. Since Williams insurance does not cover a retired dog, he would not have enough money to keep him. If he did, he would.

Heres the good news! Thanks to the generosity of people, more than 100 000 dollars were raised and donated so that this love between the dog and his master continues. The charity association Guiding Eyes for The Blind that raised and trained the animal cherished the connection between Cecil and Orlando that allowed them to stay calm during such terrifying moments. Enough money was raised so that Cecil could keep Orlando said Michelle Brier, director of communication of the association when interviewed by the AFP news agency.

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