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The Five Best Dog Breeds For Kids

A kids best friend is undoubtedly a dog. It is almost every kids dream to have a dog for adventures and fun. Dogs are the most loyal and loving partners kids can have.

Even though all puppies could work for kids, there are some breeds that due to their nature would work better for them. For the best choice, you should analyze the characteristics of the dogs.

You should look for traits such as patience, gentleness, companionship but above all playfulness. Here are some good options.

Street Dogsor “Mononos”

These dogs are excellent companions. They are basically very grateful dogs even though their personality is diverse. They adapt easily to family life. These kinds of dogs create an excellent opportunity for the kids in the house to teach them about responsibility and the importance of adoption.

German Shepherd

The fame as police dogs may hide the German Shepherds adorable personality. According to the American Shepherd Club, the breed is well-behaved and sociable. This breed takes very seriously a babysitter role and they will do everything in their power to ensure safe fun for kids.

puppy love


Labrador and Golder Retriever

The Labrador is affectionate and easy to train. They are family dogs that love walks. Same as their Golden retriever cousins, the Labradors are playful but do enjoy a good moment of rest. They love naps! They will never let kids get hurt.


These dogs are very sweet and funny. They may not be always willing to play with kids but they are loving and very affectionate. They are sociable and do not need much exercise. Their skin is very delicate so they need special care.

And remember that the ideal dog is the one you choose. The one you choose will give you and your family unconditional love.



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